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Engineers - 4

Our next Chief Executive must:

Strive to maintain the One Country – Two Systems, be impartial and fair, resolve all differences among Hong Kong people, protect the future generation of Hong Kong and do his / her best to maintain the rule of law, up to and beyond 30 June 2047.

Our team of four, all independent minded professionals, are very conscious of the needs of Hong Kong people, their core values and their livelihoods. We as professional engineers, also owe a duty to our profession, especially our young engineers, in providing sufficient jobs and training, so they can contribute their best to society. Our team has very experienced engineers working over many years in planning, design, contract documentation, construction supervision, disputes resolution and the training of young engineers. We expect our next Chief Executive should take initiative in the areas described below.

1. Ensure Security of Payment
The cost of construction in Hong Kong is extremely high mainly due to the serious problems of delay in payments to contractors and sub-contractors. This affects Hong Kong’s competitive edge internationally. The proposed Security of Payment Legislation must be expedited.

2. Maximize Land Utilization
Due to the shortage of land in Hong Kong, this most valuable asset must be well utilized. We must scrutinize and reorganize our land utilization, and all mismatches must be addressed.

3. Contribute our Professional know-hows to One- Belt- One- Road
Our professional knowledge and expertise can help China in the development of areas and cities along the One–Belt-One-Road. Such potential must be well explored and the Government should provide all resources to support the construction industry.

4. Encourage our young engineers to proactively take up responsibility
We must train our young engineers to place themselves in an independent position of trust and proactively assume responsibility. The tendency of inaction to avoid mistakes must be stopped in order to increase job efficiency and satisfaction.

5. Simplify Planning, Design, and Construction Management Procedures
The existing complicated procedures in the planning, design, contract documentation and contract supervision must be reviewed and then simplified. This would ensure efficiency in the procurement of Public Works.

6. Re-adopt Scale Fee Consultancy and thus raise engineer’s pay level
Since the introduction of fee competition 30 years ago, apart from small saving in consultancy fees, the cost of construction has not been lowered and on the contrary, delay and over budget of public works are quite common. We propose to restore the selection of consultancies purely on their technical merits with standardize scale fees. This would ensure that the works are completed with the best quality, in time and within budget. The pay levels of engineers would also be raised.

7. Create Underground Space for Essential Facilities
The rock in Hong Kong are extremely strong. Many facilities such as service reservoirs and treatment plants can be relocated to underground. Much valuable land can be released for buildings and other developments.

8. Extend One Country – Two Systems to a perpetual 30 years from 1 July 2017
Our future Chief Executive must be able to secure the assurance from the Chinese leaders the continuation of the One Country – Two Systems beyond 30 June 2047 very urgently in order to stabilize the society and the economy of Hong Kong. One option is to pass a law such that for every day lapsed beyond 30 June 2017, the One Country-Two Systems would automatically be extended by one day. This would ensure a perpetual 30 years’ One Country–Two Systems for the Hong Kong people.

Engineers - 4
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