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I, Lai Yang Chau, Eugene (ballot number 31), am running with my partner Martin Lister (ballot number 25) for seats in the legal sector of the Election Committee to elect the new Chief Executive of Hong Kong.  The voting date is 11 December.   We enclose our criteria for electing the Chief Executive, 1st vision statement (why we are running), 2nd vision statement (our committment) and our CVs for your kind attention.

We state our criteria for choosing the new Chief Executive as follows:

1. ​Must have public opinion support. We will not support candidates who are long time low in public poll for the Chief Executive.  We will support election of a ​leader​ who will endeavour to unite ​all sectors of ​the ​Hong Kong ​public, ​lead a smooth and efficient administration and bring the citizens of Hong Kong together in harmony: a Chief Executive who can effectively respond to the needs and interests, concerns and wishes of Hong Kong people and who can command the majority ​support​.
2. Must selflessly, truthfully reflect to Central Goverment Hong Kong people's opinion, and has integrity, be responsible​​, do represent and care for the interests of the people of Hong Kong.
3. ​Must insist on "One country two systems" which also​ ​means "One country two "legal" systems", and the next Chief Executive must ensure that our core values, including the Rule of Law and the Common Law System, ​are​ sustained and maintained.
4. Must have a​n ​​international vision and perspective to ensure that Hong Kong continues to be an international finance centre, and a cosmopolitan, first class, world city.

Please support and vote for us. Please let your voter lawyer friends know and if they are agreeable to us, please support and vote for us too. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanks again for considering us in this election.

Make the Difference, make Hong Kong Great!


Lai Yang Chau, Eugene



我, 黎瀛洲(選票號31)與我搭檔李兆德(選票號25)一起參選選舉委員會的法律界組別,爭取席位,選舉香港新的行政長官。投票日期為12月11日,我們將選擇行政長官的標準,第一個願景聲明(为何我们参选)及











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