Are you sure your Grape Seed Extract OPC is genuine?
Do you know how serious is adulteration of Grape Seed today?
Lack of standardized criteria for the grape seed extract's (GSE) quality and rising cheaper proanthocyanidins(OPC) sources caused a serious problemin GSE industry .Here is a chart for your quick understanding .
Natural Grape seed extract OPC Grape Seed OPC adulteration
Grape seed
Grape seed
Peanut skin
Peanut skin
$28/Kg Production Cost
Production Cost
(95% OPC)
41.2% Market Shares
Market Shares
"Very few of the commercial GSE samples contained an overall content of PACs and catechins at a level comparably to authentic GSE, which raises a serious concern,"reported on Food Chemistry.
Why adulteration of Grape Seed Extract is bad ?
Peanut allergy
Peanut allergy

Grape seed extract is known to exerts beneficial effects for a number of health conditions as it contains high proanthocyanidins .However,there is no scientific evidence that the counterfeit from peanut skin extract possesses equal health properties with grape seed OPC ,due to their incongruent proanthocyanidins constituents.

Using adulteration of GSE with peanut skin extracts may bring serious risk to consumers who is allergic to peanuts as Peanut allergy is "one of the most severe food allergies", effecting 1.4% of the population in US.

How to identify adulteration?
The difference between the adulteration and the authentic product is the proanthocyanidins constituents.
Natural Grape seed extract OPC Peanut skin extract
Abundant B-type PACs Absent
Absent A-type PACs Abundant
Abundant Catechin and Epicatechin Thimbleful
HPTLC and HPLC-UV/MS may detect GSE adulteration
Chromatogram 1
Chromatogram 1: Natural Grape Seed Extract 95% OPC
The characteristic peaks of seven ingredients in GSE are visible obviously in chromatogram.
the seventh gape seed ingredients peak is clear
Chromatogram 2
Chromatogram 2: Adulerated 1% peanut skin extract
Peanut skin peak appear at 12~13min (A type)
the seventh OPC peak is not clear
How could I make sure getting genuine Grape Seed OPC ?
1 Firstly,you can always send some samples to us to make sure the genuineness of your products.We will conduct a free test for you.
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2 Secondly,you can choose from the reliable provider.Organic Herb Inc.developed HPLC Method to detect adulteration of GSE to make sure that all the productsare safe and qualified.
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3 Thirdly, average production cost of grape seed extract is US$28/Kg ,so be cautious with unreasonable low priceproducts.
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