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This is Elego Ellen ( Skype:ellen.elego , Whatsapp:+8613682596137 ).

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You never ordered from us , I am not sure have you ordered somewhere else, but I really need to remind you again,
its Chinese National Holiday from 29th Sept. to 7th Oct, no shipment and no productivity.

If you can not get ready stock shipped before 28th Sep, next shipment you receive would be middle Oct.

So I really strongly suggest you to double check your stock, if you need anything, today might be the last day for you to order and pay so payment can arrived before holiday...

Plus our website now is having 4% + 5% disocunt! End in 3 days, but only 1 day for shipping before holiday.
You will have big save. So why don't you order today? :)

Here's recommend link to know more: https://www.elegomall.com/site/signup.html?authRole=21820

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Email: ellenliu@elegovapor.com   or  ellen@elegomall.com