WISVA New Strips
It is a great pleasure to introduce Wisva new strips:
2216 strips: 
A new LED with same brightness as 2835 and small size, better HEAT DISSIPATION.
2216 280LED/m single line use 7LED per segment to reach higher density than 2835 and dot less lighting effect.
2216 280LED/m double line use 7LED per segment to reach 3600lm per meter, 100lm/watt.
2835 DC12V 10MM 1 LED CUT Strip 
A new 9V 2835 LED with 3 chip inside to achieve 10mm cut and high efficiency as normal strip DC12V INPUT.
complete beat the low efficiency one that use 3V 2835 and big resistor.
3535 RGB strips 
A small size cute LED with 3 color inside to achieve a better color mixing effect than 5050. and same brightness.
Also make it possible to have 120LED/m high density in 10mm PCB.
Please contact me if interested in any of them.

Harry Ding|Sales Representative
Shenzhen Wisva Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd
info@wisvaled.com www.wisvaled.com
Skype: Harrylkb Mobile/Whatsapp/:+86 150 6019 7943

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