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US Series
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This month our company wisva Lighting have release a new 3.5mm ultra Slim Strip.
"Normal Flexible LED strips PCB width is 8-10mm and our LED type 2216 strip is 55% decrease with 3.5mm.
This ultra slim strips are widely used in the edge light project.Here is the specification as following:
·Even and efficient light output with 2216 LED diode .
·High Density dotless with 140LED/M.
·Outstanding thermal management with the  blue back tape.
·MoreFlexible for mounting on light fixture.
More Options!!!
Type LED/QTY Width Voltage Watt Lm
2216-140 140 3.5mm 24 12 1000
2835-60 60 4.5mm 12/24 5 700
2835-120 120 5mm 24 12 900
2835-168 168 5mm 24 12 1200
5730-70 70 5mm 24 15 1800
Do let me know if you need some samples.

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