Metal Flakes For Paints
Kolortek 004& 008 Glitters 

What is Metal Flakes?

A special type of metallic powder, an appearance improving powder used to give coatings a sparkling effect. Metallic flake is made of small particles of metal. They bring products to life with brilliant colour and glittering effects.

Kolortek Metal Flakes Colors:
For more colors please feel free to contact us
Magic Purple KT-92004-008 KT-92004-004
Green Purple KT-92005-008 KT-92005-004
Light Red KT-92006-008 KT-92006-004
Golden Green KT-92007-008 KT-92007-004
Golden Blue KT-92008-008 KT-92008-004
Rainbow Lilac White KT-95004-008 KT-95004-004
Rainbow Light Red KT-95006-008 KT-95006-004
Rainbow Golden Green KT-95007-008 KT-95007-004
Rainbow Golden Purple KT-95008-008 KT-95008-004
Rainbow Yellow KT-95105-008 KT-95105-004
Rainbow Light Yellow KT-95116-008 KT-95116-004
Rainbow Rich Red KT-95214-008 KT-95214-004
Rainbow Red KT-95205-008 KT-95205-004
Rainbow Orange KT-95216-008 KT-95216-004
Rainbow Pink KT-95209-008 KT-95209-004
Rainbow Purple KT-95305-008 KT-95305-004
Rainbow Green KT-95503-008 KT-95503-004

Kolortek Unique Service: 
   • Private Label
   • One-stop Colors Solution
   • Matching Solutions
   • Special packings provided
   • MSDS, TDS, COA available
   • Technical Support
   • Samples availabe
   • Over 50 colors stocked

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