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This is Sunny from Kolortek - Chinese top brand factory of effect pigments. We provide cosmetic pigment and dyestuff for all over the world. Today we'd like to highly recommend you our hot product: D&C lake - high quality organic dyestuff for soap. 

A "lake" is a straight color extended on a substratum by adsorption, coprecipitation, or chemical combination that does not include any combination of ingredients made by a simple mixing process. Because lakes are not soluble in water, they often are used when it is important to keep a color from "bleeding".

Our color list:
D&C Red 7 Lake (45%) 
D&C Yellow 5 Lake
D&C Red 27 Lake 
D&C Red 40 Lake
D&C Red 6 Barium Lake
D&C Red 7 Lake (32%) 
D&C Red 21 Lake 
D&C Red 6 (Sodium)
D&C Red 28 Lake 
D&C Yellow 6 Lake
Quinoline Yellow Lake
D&C Yellow 10 Lake
D&C Blue 1 Lake

We also provide other different kinds of effect pigments for soap, with sample pack, certifications, MSTD&TDS profile and other private services available.

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Sunny Wu
Kolortek co.,Ltd.
Huaian, Jiangsu, China