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  2016 February  
 Starmeter Instruments

Multifunctional Wire Tracker WT-28

Multi-function Wire Tracker Hand-held Cable Testing Suitable For Finding Telephone Network Cable Or Wire


  • Tracking: find the target among a number of wires/cables via RJ11, RJ45, BNC; its special function can make it work and find the target when the exchanger, router or computer is turned on.
  • Wire collating: collate the linear order and check disconnection, short circuit, wrong collating, reverse connection and cross talk; it’s easy and visible to use instead of network tester.
  • Check the status of ringing, off-hook or idle of the phone, test TIP/RING line.
  • Test DC power level and anode/cathode.
  • Test wire impedance and connection condition.
  • The device is equipped with LED light that make it available in dark environment. 
  • The device is equipped with earphone to be available in noisy environment.
  • The device is designed with under-voltage alert.
  • Transmitting distance: ≤100m
  • Power supply: emitter (three 1.5V AAA batteries).receiver (one 9V 6F22 zinc-manganese battery)
  • Dimensions: 65x28x130mm (emitter); 38x30x196mm (receiver)
  • Weight: approx. 220g (with battery)
  • Packing weight: approx. 380g (with accessories)


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