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CHINATRANS which is a Class-I international shipping Agency Company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China. CHINATRANS is the key Logistics Enterprise which will be the "iconic Chinese logistics enterprises". CHINATRANS is a mighty force which cannot be ignored in the whole freight forwarding industry of China.

Serving for you, we pay the same attention to your every trust. Therefore, we establish a complete system for every customer and found more than 20 branches and offices in the main centre cities in global range, with a professional team of over 700 high-quality employees and over 300 ports cooperation agents in more than 120 countries  throughout the world always provide service for you.

CHINATRANS’s value of “integrity, generousness, diligent and modest, ambitious and persistent”, concept of “customer-oriented, for customers “and “professional, safe, high-quality, efficient “service are all reflected not only in traditional land, sea and air transportation and warehousing, customs services ,but also new credit trade business, third-part logistics, supply chain finance service.

On your way to success, CHINATRANS will stand together with you through thick and thin!
Our service as below  for you reference

Service > North America
North American routes service content:
√ The sea and air transport, import and export services
√ The competitive price of shipping, the entire cabinet, bulk cargo freight
√ The entire cabinet, bulk cargo transport to all parts of North America
√ The LCL Operation
√ Door-to-door transport services from each Chinese city to major cities of United States and Canada.
√ Long distance door-to-door transport services among major cities of United States and Canada.
√ The import and export declarations, customs clearance, import and export procedures and all kinds of import and export licenses
√The online tracking of cargo, tracking cargo at any time.
Signing shipping companies in North American routes: COSCO, EVERGREEN, OOCL, NKY, CSCL, ZIM, MSC, HMM.
Service > Australia / New Zealand
We have operated the Australian / New Zealand route for many years, closely cooperated with many direct flights or ship-owners providing transit services such as PIL, KLINE, OOCL, APL, RCL, MISC and so on. And we are able to provide complete high-quality service according to the different needs of customers
Service > Africa 
With a wide coverage in southern, northern and western Africa, we cooperate extensively with the main owner of African line such as PIL, SAF, KLINE, and MSK. And we are able to resolve every problem in transportation for customers.
Service > Middle East/Red Sea 
Middle East Red Sea is our characteristics route, have a good cooperation with the ship-owners in the mainstream market for a long time, such as OOCL, APL, EMC, HANJIN. With strong branches and overseas agent network, , we can provide customers with service of all aspects according to their different needs in India's major ports and inland points, Main Ports and transit point in Middle East and Import and export in the ports of the whole Red Sea Region. 
Service >  Asia
As a boutique route, Southeast / Northeast Asia Route brought together the efforts and wisdom of a batch of workers in Hua Yun, with fruitful achievements until today. At present, our services have been fully covered every port in Southeast Asia / Japan / Korea / Taiwan. Sticking to the service concept of efficiency, preciseness and flexibility, we provide customers with high quality, safe, efficient, cost-effective logistics services! So far, we have established long-term and deep business relationship with a number of famous transportation suppliers of the world, such as OOCL, PIL, APL, EVERGREEN, YANGMING, WHL, CMA, MCC, RCL, HPL, CSCL etc.
Service > European Mediterraneas
European Mediterranean routes is also a traditional advantage routes of chinatrans, with services covering every port in the Northern Europe / Baltic Sea / North Africa / East Coast in Mediterranean / Black Sea; with a agent network of great advantage in European routes, we can provide customers with various tailored transportation modes such as CY / CY, CY / DOOR, DOOR / DOOR; adhering to the service principle of " Help clients succeed ", we have established a long-term and deep business relationships with a number of famous transportation suppliers in the world, such as OOCL, PIL, CSCL, KLINE, YML, HMM, ZIM, EMC, guarantee the efficient, precise, flexible service concept to provide customers with high quality, safe, efficient, high cost-effective logistics services.
Service > Latin America
The Center and South America route has always been one of the focus routes since Hua Yun has been founded. After ten years' development, the route has accumulated rich experience, professional team, impeccable network and solid strength.
The Center and South America route of our company spreads all over all the main port branches, serving South China, East China, Southeast Asia to Mexico, Central America, Panama, Caribbean, WCSA and ECSA for freightage need. It offers the whole logistics support and related value-added service. Having high quality agent network spread all Central and South America, it has become an important partner with these Carriers, such as COSCO, MSC, NYK, CSAV, EMC, HPL, CMA etc. It aims to provide the clients with diverse choices and the most comprehensive services of high quality by collaborating with the professional team who has been working on Center and South America route for many years and the highly informational resources and service platform.
Service > Air Transportation
The Air Transportation business of Chinatrans covers domestic and international businesses and the international transportation is the main one.
We work hand in hand with the Air Line's development strategy, making great efforts to expand international regional market and we have become the main air carrier in areas of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Macao and Xiamen. We are the key selling agent of CA, CX, EK, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Jade Cargo, MH,AK,ZH.
We have our own air transportation branches, airport customer service and site operation team in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Xiamen and Shantou and so on to provide a complete and professional air transportation logistics service, including pickup, storage, booking, order making, customs declaration, packageing, assemble, stowage, customs clearance and delivery etc.
We have sustained our steadily increasing business and have gradually reinforced the cooperation with our partner in the form of win-win growth patterns to become the air freight agent that develops rapidly with a good reputation on account of the professional marketing team, service team and other kinds of superior resources.

Air Freight Services include:
The Air Freight Service of airport to airport 
high-quality and handy door-to-door service
Transshipment service  
Act as an agent for you in customs formalities, the appreciation services of freight at destination etc.
Freight tracking system for 24hours  
Sea &Air Service 
Chinatrans provides its clients with flexible and cost-benefit Sea &Air Service to meet their different needs, which not only saves your cost but also guarantees freight time-efficiency by virtue of its fully-developed ocean shipping and good relationship of air freight.
Express Delivery
express service
Chinatrans, as the first-level agent of the various International brand express companies (e.g. DHL, FDX, UPS, TNT, EMS) provides its clients with finest, fastest, safest service and makes you feel that it is delivered by itself.
The analysis of all international brand express major cost performance 
Door to door files and parcel &express service
Provide services of wrapping material, door-to-door delivery and special tracking query agent
Service > LCL
We are a group of developers who have cohesion force and are willing to devote ourselves to the development of ocean shipping LCL. Our headquarters lies in Shenzhen, the mystical and beautiful coast of the South China Sea. It takes the advantage of free trade areas in Hong Kong and Macao with the service tenet of "Help the customers to succeed" and aim of "Navigation remarkable enterprise of LCL" to a series of comprehensive services, such as customs clearance, inspection declaration, logistics, storage, transportation and so on.
Our departmental main routes spread over Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East, covering more than 300 ports throughout the world. Besides arranging ocean shipping, we also provide many other services like door delivery and customs clearance and so on. We rely on the senior logistics specialists and equip with advanced ground handling to assist fast major customs clearance. We reduce the logistics cost by means of low benefits and to win the clients' reliance with honesty. All what we do is to meet the clients' need to the full extend.
We stick to the tenet of “credit is the basis, clients are the first, benefit each other and win together ". We provide the clients in and out of home with safe, accurate, financial and fast ocean shipping services with high quality with our dedicated attitude and professional management level. Our company has a group of experienced, professional team of highly qualified team. We commit ourselves to provide you with all-around international freight forwarding services of high quality. We will continually improve our integrated service quality to form the credit of international freight and professional model. Your requirement is the motivation for us to go forward. Hua Yun LCL, working hard can win.

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All transactions are subject to the Company's Standard Trading Conditions(a copy is available upon request), which in certain circumstances limit or exempt the Company's liability. 
If your company and your trade partner have agreed to  freight collect at destination, it will not influence  the  rights and the obligations under the transportation/ forwarding contract signed by our company and your company. If your company havev not expressed your disagreement in written form or put forward the contrary evidence within 3days after our notice of failing in freight collect  at destination sent in the  reasonable  period, we will regard this as your approval of the statement to be true and you still have the obligation of paying the failed freight collect to our company.
All of the charges which not just limited to freight,custom penalty, extended use fee, container demurrage fee, dredging port fee, clearance fee, inspections fee, handling fee, attorney's fees, etc occurred at destination port duing to unclaimed cargo will be covered by your company.