South Africa is a diversified country combines untouched nature and modern life.
Discover the ever-changing scenery and extraordinary wildlife;
unveil top 7 unique and tasteful travel experiences.
Book our Private Day Tour online or let us tailor-make a journey for you.


Online instant purchase platform allows you to book your own
Luxe Private Day Tours 24/7:

· Most tours provide a local professional guide & a driver instead of a driver guide
· Enjoy a safer, hassle free journey
· SSL encrypted website enables a safe web service
· Unlike other online travel platforms which only act as a platform providing IT service.
Luxe Travel provides detail & professional service in making of those private day tours.
We only use accredited and reputable service providers with proven track records.
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*Terms & Conditions apply. Based on  minimum 2 person travelling together,
subject to change without prior notice due to changes by suppliers, fluctuation on exchange rate and availability.
Booking on black-out dates i.e. long weekends, public holidays & trade fair period in Hong Kong or destination are not applicable.
Please arrange your journey at least 14 days prior to departure. Luxe Travel reserves all rights to reject last minute booking.
Pictures and above details are for reference only. Please contact Luxe Travel Specialists for quotation.
In case of disputes, the decision of Luxe Travel Limited shall be final.

* 條款及細則適用。以上旅程價格以二人同行計算。以上行程內容及圖片只供參考。


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