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Dear Sir or Madam,

How are you?

Glad to hear that you may be interested in the market for  Vermiculite stone and board, castable material, refractory bricks & ceramic fiber products, Microporous Insulation Board,Cryogenic Insulation Paper for various fireplaces, industrial furnace/kiln.

I'm Jimy Huang from CNBM International (China National Building Materials Group) , ranking 267 th/Fortune Global 500, one of the leading manufacturer for refractory bricks & ceramic fiber products. We are a state-owned company.

We are the main supplier for

Allied Mineral Products,INC

Refractories Incorporated

SRS Sorg Refractory Systems GmBH,

Sunward Refractories Co.,Ltd

Lilama69-1 Joint Stock Company   etc.

Below are our major products:

Vermiculite stone and board
Castable Materials/Mortar

Ceramic Fiber Products

Ceramic Fiber Blanket 
Ceramic Fiber Board
Ceramic Fiber Module
Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Ceramic Fiber Textile
Ceramic Fiber Tap-out Cone

Refractory Bricks 
◆Carbon Brick
High Alumina Brick
Fireclay Brick
Corundum Brick
Mullite Insulation Brick
Insulating Fire Brick
◆Magnesite-Alumina Brick/Magnesite-C Bricks

Here are our new products we can provide:
1. Microporous Insulation Board  
2. Alumina Foil Coverd Ceramic Fiber Blanket 
3. Cryogenic Micro Fiberglass Insulation Paper . 
4. Aluminum Foil Laminated Cryogenic Insulation Paper . 
5. Aluminum Foil Laminated Cryogenic . 
6. Refractory Bricks ,Ceramic Fiber Products and Castable 
7. Duct Insulation
8. Microporous Insulation Board
9.Cryogenic Insulation Paper

See Below Images
Vermiculite stone and board,for fireplaces

Refractory Bricks

 Ceramic Fiber Products

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to email or contact my skype:jimyhuangrefractory,

We will give you a feedback in 24 hours.

I'm able to send you our electronic catalogue, samples or give you a good offer. 

Hope we can build a long-term relationship with you. Look forward for your reply. 

Yours Sincerely

Jimy Huang

Sales Manager

CNBM International Corporation;;

Address: No.2, Zizhuyuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Post Code:100044
Tel.: 86-10-57512563 Mon-Sun 8:30am to 5:30pm (China Time)
Fax: 86-10-57512626

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