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2014-11-02 中文 | ENG

【Sportful Garden Restaurant】6 courses Hairy Crab and Abalone Dinner
$298 for【Sportful Garden Restaurant】6 courses Hairy Crab and Abalone Dinner. Came from famous catering group, applying high-quality cooking skills. Enjoying totally 6 dishes including Taihu hairy crab, sea cucumber and giant grouper. All day available and providing ten redemption locations. (Originally at $750)
60% OFF

Korea【SKIN1004】Zombie Pack (Mask powder x 16 + activator (60ml) + brush 1pc)
$180 for Korea【SKIN1004】Zombie Pack, $355 for 2 boxes. Including mask powder x 16 + activator (60ml) + brush 1pc. Each box provides enough masks for 7 weeks usage. Effective in removing spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Help maintain moisture and tighten your skin. Suitable for all skin types. (Originally at $798)
77% OFF

【Kuen Fat Seafood Restaurant】East Taihu Male Hairy Crab (Approx. 168.75g)
$48 for【Kuen Fat】East Taihu Male Hairy Crab, approx. 168.75g/ crab! Hairy crab fever is in full swing now! Fresh and tasty hairy crabs. Gourmands are clamouring for their rich, creamy male's crab paste and sweet flesh. Buy 6 crabs or more to get the seasoning includes the vinegar, brown sugar & perilla! (Originally: $58)
17% OFF

Japan【Hitachi】Hada CRiE Ion Cleansing & Hydrating Beauty Bar CM-N1000 + 220V AC/ AC Step Down Power Converter
$1399 for Japan【Hitachi】Hada CRiE Ion Cleansing & Hydrating Beauty Bar CM-N1000 + 220V AC/ AC Step Down Power Converter. Efficient on cleansing, moisturizing. Titanium head is suitable for sensitive skin type. Minimizes pore and improves quality of skin. Able to use anywhere, anytime. Limited Offer and 1 year warranty service! (Originally at $2780)
50% OFF

【LosT】1 person 45 mins Real Escape Game
$108 for【LosT】1 person 45 mins Real Escape Game, $198 for 2, $388 for 4, $649 for 4 plus Hello Kitty Wine with 2 different choices. Wine is made in France. Experience the Room Escape puzzle that challenges your wisdom, power of observation, and reasoning. Enter and attempt to exit the chamber of secrets. (Originally at $1169)
91% OFF

【Le Club Central】Seafood 5-Course Dinner
$98 for【Le Club Central】Seafood 5 Courses Dinner. Platter are having French oysters, mussels and whelks and Seafood Soup or Pork Chop Salad. The main course including Angus Beef steak, Pork Chop Risotto and lasagna. Desserts are also can be choose from creme brulee, puff etc. With the sophisticated techniques to cook, the food is good-looking and delicious. The best choice for gathering and dating. Monday to Sunday available. (Originally at $508)
81% OFF

U.S.【Tommy Hilfiger】Leather Wallet
$388 for U.S.【Tommy Hilfiger】Leather Wallet. Imported from USA. Made of cowhide which is hard and tough. Portable photo cover is and 4 credit card pocket is attached. Trendy design with user-friendly layout. Exquisite package which is suitable for gift or self-use. 3 colours available. (Originally at $1288)
70% OFF

Canada【Webber Naturals®】Maximum Strength Garlic/ Saw Palmetto/ Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract
$188 for 1 bottle Canada【Webber Naturals®】Maximum Strength Garlic 60 softgels/ Saw Palmetto 60 softgels/ Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract 60 capsules, $528 for 3. Maximum Strength Garlic can support good cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Saw Palmetto can alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract help the body fight the damaging and aging effects of free radicals. (Originally at $1614)
88% OFF

【Comodo】4pcs Bedding Set in 1870 Tencel TC
$148 for【Comodo】4pcs Bedding Set in 1870 Tencel TC (Single), $168 for double size, $188 for queen size. Includes bed linen + quilt cover + pillow cases. Tencel is softer than the wool or cotton as it is natural without any chemicals. It is suitable for the people in sensitive skin. 4 colours available. (Originally at $799)
81% OFF

Vintage Style Twin Bag
$98 for Vintage Style Twin Bag. Made of PU leather, soft and smooth texture. Plain colour theme gives elegant outlook. A small bag is attached which suitable for various occasions. Shoulder strap is included for different carrying style. Black and Wine Red colours available. (Originally at $238)
59% OFF
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