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2014-04-15 中文 | ENG

Brand New【SEVE】Lip Treatment 1 Bottle with 5ml donated by Suki Chui
Joyful Foundation X PurrrChase Celebrity Charity Sale! $390 for Brand New【SEVE】Lip Treatment 1 Bottle with 5ml donated by Suki Chui! Saturate your lips with this shiny, moisturizing lip treatment. Formulated with jojoba gel, this lip shine conditions and prevents dryness and chapping. The formula also contains pure Shea butter, an all natural skin soother with enriching levels of oleic acid to promote skin nutrition and lock in moisture. Perfect for wearing alone or over your favorite lip color, this gloss provides a pop of transparent shine that enhances the look of lips.Share your kindness to people in need!

Handmade Necklace Donated By Eunis Chan
Joyful Foundation X PurrrChase Celebrity Charity Sale! $680 for Handmade Necklace donated by Eunis Chan! The necklace is made of different materials, trendy and elegant. Have rich layers but not cumbersome, and can adjust length, fitting all your favourite looks. The necklace was only used once, 98% new. Let's give & share with your kindness!
Brand New【ANTEPRIMA】hand bag d
【CNC Costume National】White an
【Burberry】Light gray grid Scar
【ANTEPRIM】Black bangle donated
Brand New【ARTE】Double Colours
【Dior】Sunglasses + Original Ca
Black Small Handbag Donated by
Oil Painting - The Swing Donat
Express Power Yoga 1 Yoga Inst
【PAUL & JOE】Dark Grey Sweater
【United Nude】Block Pump Rectan
$280 Live Redeem
【Dior】Blazer Donated By Collee
$3900 Live Redeem
NEW【AVA.LIU】Makeup Brushes 1 S
$500 Live Redeem
Brand New【N. Hollywood】wristba
【Just Cavalli】Black Silk Top d
$310 Live Redeem
【COLOR BEKER】White one piece p
Brand New【Black Label】Black Fi
【CHRISTIAN DIOR】Black long sto
【Buffalo Bobs】 Silver gold sho
Brand New BaByliss hair curlin
【Just Cavalli】Tie Chiffon Silk
【Yves Saint Laurent】Leather Ha
Signed "Life As A Game" 2 Book
【Morgan Homme】Black Long Sleev
Handmade Socks Doll donated by
【CNC Costume National】Red Pant
【TYPICA】Double Colour Frame Su
Golden Long Purse Donated By K
【KidoKare】Kids Meal Tools & St
$350 Live Redeem
【GUCCI】Real Fur Vest Donated B
$2800 Live Redeem
【GUCCI】Leather Belt donated by
KESHA music album Warrior (Del
Korean【Hanskin】Skin Care Set d
NEW【GOTTA】Pink Long Wool Jacke
$580 Live Redeem
NEW【Vintage 10】Limited Edition
$199 Live Redeem
Signed “Gag Man – MAN IN GAG”
$38 Live Redeem
NEW 【PMC】T-shirt Donated By Pa
$98 Live Redeem
【Imperial Bird's Nest】Imperial
$138 Live Redeem
【FENDI】Burgundy Woolen Hat wit
$680 Sold Out
【Vintage 10】Brand New White Ca
$280 Sold Out
Brand new CHANEL NO.5 perfume
$990 Sold Out
Brand New【Titina】Skeleton leat
$998 Sold Out
【GUCCI】Large 2-way Bag + Sling
$1200 Sold Out
Japan limited edition Ninja Ha
$280 Sold Out
【Paul Smith】Shirt Donated by K
$450 Sold Out
Brand New【HUGO BOSS】Intense Wo
$388 Sold Out
Brand New Bio-current Eye Wrin
$350 Sold Out
$480 Sold Out
Brand New【SEVE】Rose Alba Water
$380 Sold Out
Brand New【Cartier】Cufflink don
$2800 Sold Out
Brand New【ATTOS】Black Cow Leat
$2800 Sold Out
【Swarovski】Mickey Mouse Earrin
$1200 Sold Out
Brand New【Christian Dior】Neckl
$1800 Sold Out
【COSMOPOLITAN】Black Small Hand
$488 Sold Out
Brown Thick Coat donated by Ly
$280 Sold Out
【Céline】Elegance Bracelet dona
$2800 Sold Out
$980 Sold Out
$2800 Sold Out
【Juicy Couture】Necklace donate
$800 Sold Out
【Just Cavalli】Ruffle Tie V-col
$180 Sold Out
【Swarovski】Gold Double Styles
$480 Sold Out
Tropical Tie-dyed Extreme Larg
$480 Sold Out
【agnes b】Swarovski Elements Ke
$480 Sold Out
【Folli Follie】Purple Leather M
$2000 Sold Out
【Ray-Ban】White Frame Marble Pa
$980 Sold Out
【Croton】Leather Tourbillon Wat
$880 Sold Out
【DKNY】Two Tone Glitz Chrono Br
$1599 Sold Out
【Ed Hardy】Colourful Amphibole
$1380 Sold Out
【Swarovski】Shinning Stars Crys
$1500 Sold Out
Signed "Life Auction House" Co
$202 Sold Out
Italian【Dolce & Gabbana】Velvet
$480 Sold Out
【Rapa Nui】Purple Sunglasses wi
$350 Sold Out
【Sama】Heart of Gold Limited Ed
$980 Sold Out
【TINA BARRAT】Elegant Macle Nec
$380 Sold Out
Italy【Salvatore Ferragamo】Clas
$1800 Sold Out
【ARTE】Deseo Crystal Diamond We
$500 Sold Out
NEW 【TISSOT】Couturier Lady Aut
$4800 Sold Out
$300 Sold Out
【INITIUM】Platinum Collection S
$1888 Sold Out
【LV】Classic Tasselled Scarf Do
$800 Sold Out
USA Cashmere Scarf Donated By
$300 Sold Out
Red Knitting Scarf Donated By
$100 Sold Out
NEW 【CHOICE】Silver Handbag Don
$580 Sold Out
Colourful Stone Necklace Donat
$490 Sold Out
Brand New Hong Kong Standard C
$990 Sold Out
Brand New【CHOICE】Limited editi
$420 Sold Out
【FILA】Sunglasses Donated by Ro
$950 Sold Out
Brand New Mickey Mouse Ornamen
$50 Sold Out
【Barbara Rihl】Handbag donated
$800 Sold Out
【GF Ferre】Small Handbag donate
$290 Sold Out
Blue Jacket donated by Emily K
$100 Sold Out
【Annie O Boutique】Black Embroi
$250 Sold Out
【CNC Costume National】Pink Pan
$488 Sold Out
【hiromichi】Pink V-collar Sweat
$500 Sold Out
【Swarovski】Crystals Pearl Penh
$250 Sold Out
【Supreme】Gold Printed iPhone 5
$250 Sold Out
【TYPICA】Double Colour Frame Su
$680 Sold Out
【Visionaire】Limited Edition No
$800 Sold Out
【Pierre Balmain】Black Leather
$480 Sold Out
【Foundations】Hope Angel Decora
$388 Sold Out
【KENNY & CO.】White Crystal wit
$250 Sold Out
【Lancel】Crescent Leather Black
$980 Sold Out
Black & White Check Scarf Dona
$88 Sold Out
Japanese【Dith】Pink Sequins Cry
$280 Sold Out
【bread n butter】Tweed Beads Tr
$320 Sold Out
【Barbie Queen】Jewel Rivet 2-Wa
$980 Sold Out
【Hong Kong Jockey Club】Memoria
$800 Sold Out
Italy【MARNI】Cool-colour Large
$850 Sold Out
【SONY】Jienne Chic Clover Green
$300 Sold Out
Korea Wellbeing Beauty Soap 10
$280 Sold Out
English Vintage Black Blazer D
$280 Sold Out
NEW USA【Von Dutch】Orange Cap D
$480 Sold Out
Spain【TOUS】Painted Bubble Bear
$200 Sold Out
NEW 【Ray-Ban】Tech Series Pink
$1800 Sold Out
NEW 【as know as】Japanese Fluff
$1800 Sold Out
NEW iPhone 4 Rabbit Imitation
$50 Sold Out
【GUCCI】Fur Purse Donated By Tr
$900 Sold Out
Brand New【Oxbridge Town】Extra-
$380 Sold Out
【Celine】Trapeze Calfskin Black
$8800 Sold Out
Italy【GF Ferre】Dark Brown Long
$2500 Sold Out